Berops is an IT house that provides services in the areas of IT operations and cloud infrastructure. We are based in Slovakia, Central Europe (UTC+01), hence we are capable to provide our services not only for the domestic but also for the European market in the form of near-shore outsourcing cooperation. Our partners and clients are predominantly small to medium-sized companies from Europe.

Collaborating on challenging large-scale and real-time critical applications projects in telco and travel industries, we have gained the experience which directed us to accomplish first-class results and satisfy demanding clients. Our philosophy is based on these main pillars:

  • Quality and individual approach as a driving force in our relationship with customers
  • Responsibility towards our employees
  • Additional value for the IT business in the region

We enjoy pushing boundaries and explore things outside of the ordinary. This is reflected in our mission, which is:
To improve our clients’ information management capabilities. The common aspects of our activities are open-source, transparency and data-driven decision-making.