We take pride in cultivating an environment where people enjoy what they do. We believe in strong leadership, but at the same time, we leave employees a space for self-determination. It’s not just about the product, at Berops we mutually share and respect the values of each other.
Our company attracts smart people from abroad. We offer unique opportunity for Slovaks living in foreign countries returning to their homeland and capitalize on their experience. Our company might be the right place for your next enterprise.

Would you like to join us on our journey? Contact us directly: career@berops.com

At Berops we do not just accept difference – we seek it out and we intend to make the most of it for the benefit of our employees and clients. Here you find a workplace that provides equal opportunities to all employees regardless of skin color, religion, nationality, age, disability, sexual identity or orientation. Advise us about your special requirements, please.