Our mission is to assist businesses in running their IT Operations and to get the most value out of the cloud infrastructures. We’re a DevOps house working on solutions to ease the life of our present and future clients.

We’re building a PaaS cloud-agnostic solution to target multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments. We’re looking for software engineers of any seniority to help us with any (or more) of the following areas:

  1. Kubernetes-centric platform engineering
  2. Engineering an open-source ecosystem around the PaaS itself

A successful candidate will drive the backend development of a Kubernetes cluster-orchestration platform, writing controllers and operators in the form of micro-services. The candidate will be responsible for the solution architecture and design of individual modules and their communication, reflecting the business requirements in various stages of the solution life-cycle. On top of that the candidate will be having a direct influence on the software engineering culture and later on its reflection in the future engineering processes.

The engineer will work on future open-source projects which will be the building blocks of the platform. Alongside with this he or she will define contribution guidelines, write and evolve the code, and process the community feedback including issues and pull requests.

We’re looking for people interested in working with cutting edge technology. People willing to learn a lot on the job and to excel in what we do. As a candidate you should have:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • profound knowledge of at least one programming or scripting language (primarily Golang, but also NodeJS, Rust, Python, Java, C++/C#, …)
  • proven interest in Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem
  • basic Git code management skills
  • drive towards exploration of new ideas and technologies
  • written and spoken English

And on top of that, as an ideal candidate you’ll have:

  • exposure to cloud-native/CNCF stack
  • knowledge and experience with Kubernetes API
  • knowledge of API management, gRPC, REST
  • basic knowledge of distributed, asynchronous and event driven programming design
  • understanding of the specifics of stateless and stateful workloads
  • experience with PaaS solutions
  • track record of open-source contribution
  • attitude to work efficiently and in a lean fashion
  • willingness to experiment and run POCs in a controlled manner

Does this look appealing to you? What you can expect to experience if you join Berops:

  • culture of work-life balance
  • quality over quantity
  • data-driven decisions
  • remote & multinational
  • comfortable & friendly work environment favoring open and honest communication
  • having fun while working on projects with the state-of-the-art stack
  • company-covered attendance on conferences and workshops
  • we all love cloud-native tech, and the work we do

The salary range for this position is 44 000 – 58 000 €/yr. This position is 100% remote and will remain remote.

We are seeking primarily full-time commitment, but we’re open to other forms of cooperation and time commitment as well.

Does that appeal to you? You are most welcome to join us! Drop us a line at [email protected].

At Berops we do not just accept difference – we seek it out and we intend to make the most of it for the benefit of our employees and clients. Advise us about your special requirements, please.