Our mission is to assist businesses in running their IT Operations. We’re expanding our team due to a rising demand for the services we provide and we are seeking smart candidates for a position of DevOps Engineer.

We’re looking for DevOps/Kubernetes engineers of any seniority to help us with any (or more) of the following general areas:

  1. delivery of cloud infrastructures to our clients in accordance with the clients’ requirements
  2. ensuring service continuity for our deliveries
  3. hybrid-cloud platform development

We work on projects with global footprint, high transaction volumes, and tight SLAs in disruption-sensitive industries.

A successful candidate will use and expand our library of tools and modules to build cloud-native environments based on our clients’ requirements. The candidate will write automation code for provisioning desired infrastructure elements and will consult the specific needs of the clients throughout the individual projects. Our typical stack includes:

  • Kubernetes (vanilla, Rancher and OpenShift)
  • GitHub and GitLab as repo managers linked to Argo-family and/or Flux for GitOps
  • GitLabCI, GitHub Actions on the pipeline front
  • GCP, AWS, OCI and Azure as the cloud providers; managed by Terraform
  • Ansible for configuration management
  • other parts of the CNCF and cloud-native puzzles on the security, user-experience and automation fronts

We’re looking for people interested in working with cutting edge technology. People willing to learn a lot on the job and to excel in what we do. As a candidate you should have:

  • bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • proven interest in Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem
  • profound knowledge of at least one programming or scripting language (Golang, Python, NodeJS, Java, C++/C#, Rust, …)
  • basic network administration knowledge
  • good written and spoken English
  • attitude to learn and explore new ideas and technologies

And on top of that, as an ideal candidate you would have:

  • experience with any CI/CD framework
  • understanding of app containerization principles
  • experience with public IaaS/PaaS offerings
  • knowledge of container orchestration
  • API-first and container-native perspective
  • drive to achieve full automation
  • Git code management skills
  • Linux/Unix sysadmin skills

Does this look appealing to you? What you can expect to experience if you join Berops:

  • culture of work-life balance
  • quality over quantity
  • data-driven decisions
  • remote-friendly & multinational
  • comfortable & friendly work environment favoring open and honest communication
  • having fun while working on projects with the state-of-the-art stack
  • company-covered attendance on conferences and workshops
  • we all love Kubernetes, and the work we do

The salary range for this position is 44 000 – 58 000 €/yr.

This position is 100% remote and will remain remote.

We are seeking primarily full-time commitment, but we’re open to other forms of cooperation and time commitment as well.

Does that appeal to you? You are most welcome to join us! Drop us a line at [email protected]. For more information on the interview, please have a read here.

At Berops we do not just accept difference – we seek it out and we intend to make the most of it for the benefit of our employees and clients. Advise us about your special requirements, please.