The interview process at Berops is relatively standard, without any unusual hassle to worry about. From our side, we are interested in the following aspects of the candidate:

  • understanding of what our particular line of work is generally all about (DevOps, Kubernetes, consulting)
  • understanding that it might be necessary to learn a lot in the first several months on the job
  • drive and motivation to do what we do
  • approximate technical skill level, particularly in ways relevant to our work
  • past professional experiences and their relevance
  • how well is the candidate likely to fit in with the current team socially
  • identifying the candidate’s expectations and requirements

The goal of each candidate’s interview process is to try to find ways to make both parties professionally happy. We communicate openly and encourage the candidate to do the same. Structure of the typical interview is simple.

  1. Introduce yourself to us, preferably by sending us an email that contains your CV
  2. We will call you back for a quick chat, to clarify whatever questions there may be on either side, and to schedule a meeting
  3. The meeting is preferred in person, but can be done online via a video call. The meeting is loosely structured as follows:
    • Mutual introduction and role description
    • Discussion about technical background required for the job and deeper candidate assessment; together with a short quiz designed to sample the candidate’s general knowledge of mostly job-related topics
    • Candidate’s expectations
    • Open discussion

The candidate receives feedback usually within a week of the meeting. In most cases, this concludes the interview process.