At Berops we believe in transparent relationship towards our clients. In all of our work this is supported by:

  • Live project plan with an always up-to-date status
  • Issue & project tracking tool
  • Access to Git repository with the ability to track individual changes and commits linked to the project plan and project tracking tool
  • Extensive set of automated test suite triggered with CI
  • Long-term maintenance support on our solutions


We’d be pleased to assist you in these areas:


Software-defined and cloud infrastructure


Moving the infrastructure to cloud brings tangible benefits from day one. Flexibility is among the most important aspects, as an example – the ability to take on new projects immediately without delays due to hardware not yet being on the floor.

Your new architecture will be defined in code and so it can be versioned, transparently maintained and easily modified. This will also result in quick on-demand deployment, synchronization between multiple test and production environments and hassle-free operations. We’d be pleased to assist you with a disruption-less migration of your current workloads to the cloud.

Do you want to keep your workloads in your datacentre? We have the experience in building private cloud platforms.

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DevOPS and DevSecOps


You have a committed team but you’re unsure how to run high-availability applications on production systems. In such scenarios we’d be happy to complement your team’s development skills with our operations experience and best practices we compiled from multiple projects. We will configure and write the automation for smooth integration and deployment experience no matter if you deploy locally, remotely, to the cloud or containerize. Security is one of the cornerstones built-in into our solutions.

#Kubernetes #Istio #Docker #GoogleAppEngine


Software Integration, Automation and Monitoring


Aside from the pure integration we will be delighted to look at your processes and workflows from the lean IT perspective, together we will simplify them and make them suitable for the automation itself.

All this makes sense only if we implement a feedback loop through monitoring to drive further decisions in the project based on the data. The monitoring is essential here – what gets measured, gets improved. When combined with a well-designed automation as a result you’ll benefit from increased efficiency, lesser amount of human errors and shorter time-to-market.

Regardless of whether it comes down to new solutions according to your requirements, or modifications to existing software, we deliver remarkably satisfying results.

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